June 17, 2015


Jax Jones' Cute "Yeah Yeah Yeah" Video: Stroller Skateboarding Rules

New English solo act Jax Jones has given us a summer-worthy single with "Yeah Yeah Yeah." You can dance to it, you can drive to the beach to it, you can make pasta salad to it.

But the video, though. It just came out, and it's extreme. Three parents shred on some stroller-equipped skateboards, and their kids are cool as hell about it. These children were probably immediately taken away by the state the minute the director yelled "cut," but at least everyone had fun while it lasted. Watch the "Yeah Yeah Yeah" video up top.

2015's been a great year for adorable music videos. Mark Ronson and Mystikal's "Feel Right" was the most badass talent show we've ever seen. Kanye West's "Only One" featured baby Nori. Mastodon's "Asleep in the Dark" video's coming soon, and it'll have a bunch of cats. (Fraggle Rock-ish puppet cats, but still.)