June 23, 2015


Take an Emotional Journey in Jessica Sutta's New "Let It Be Love" Video

Whether or not Jessica Sutta was your favorite Pussycat Doll, she's arguably its breakout music star on the charts. The former girl-group member has notched three No. 1 singles on Billboard's Dance/Club Songs chart (including her breakout solo hit "Show Me") and now she's got a hot new one that should get a significant boost from its poignant new video.

"Let It Be Love" features singer-songwriter/producer Rico Love (Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams," Trey Songz's "Heart Attack," Kelly Rowland's "Motivation"), but neither he nor Sutta appear in their new video. Instead, a cast of actors tell a touching story of how interconnected we all are and the magic that comes from kindness. Prepare yourself for a roller coaster of emotions then click play above.

Sutta told Fuse the deeper meaning behind why she didn't want to star in the visual:

I wanted it to be about the core message of the song rather than about how I look, dance or dress. I know that love is the answer, it can just take us a while to get to a place where we are asking the right question. Beyond all boundaries, preconceived thoughts and perceptions, truth can only exist in the purity of love.

I am so honored to be doing what I love and, in that process, hopefully being able to influence light into hearts and smiles onto faces. If art, music, expression, or visuals that I am a part of can have that effect on even one other human being, then I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

"Let It Be Love" is currently No. 25 on the Dance charts, but we imagine we'll be hearing this song a lot more in the clubs this summer and sharing the video with our loved ones even more.