June 22, 2015


How Is Fate Rewarding Us With a New Lianne La Havas Video So Soon?

British songwriter/chanteuse/rockstar Lianne La Havas is on her way back with Blood. The follow-up to 2012's Is Your Love Big Enough?—which Fuse may or may not have recently privately, gloriously sampled—will be a wide-ranging, bombastic affair. Expect a project as lush as the flora Lianne La Havas cavorts in for the new "What You Don't Do" video.

What a way to debut the record's second single, this clip. That greenery—and those vivid, carefully chosen colors—mirror the eye-popping design of the Blood album cover and the single artwork for "Unstoppable." That rich, soon-to-be-classic cut, which heralded the LP last month, also has its own sensational vid.

In the "What You Don't Do" video, as with "Unstoppable," LLH ditches the guitar she plays for almost the entirety of her concerts and just vibes out. Dances; emotes. Shows off several of those characteristically rad outfits and hairstyles. Has a general blast. We couldn't be so greedy as to ask for a better music video on this 22nd of June.

Stay tuned for much more on Lianne La Havas as Blood nears its July 31 release. She's about to scoop this year up and remake it in her own image.