August 25, 2015


Parkway Drive Deliver Punishing New Video, "Crushed"

Parkway Drive have been a band for over a decade now, validating metalcore as so much more than a trend (not that it needs defending). Now the Australian band have shared "Crushed," a punishing new single from their upcoming album, Ire.

It's heavy, raw and severe: The kind of sound you have to really love to get behind. The video mirrors this, with the band in a small, barren room while violent scenes are juxtaposed throughout...snakes, blood, injured soldiers, the whole shebang. 

When "Crushed" kicks off, it's something of an outsider manifesto, frontman Winston McCall screaming, "Brothers, my brothers / Is this all that we are? / Sisters, my sisters / We’ve been crushed by the fists of god." The rest of the song fuels that call to action. If you're getting ready to go to war or simply take on the week, this is sure to be the inspiration you require.

Watch it above, then click through our gallery of metalcore's biggest hotties.