• Exclusive Premiere

    Watch Allison Weiss' Empowering New "Who We Are" Video

    The single appears her highly-anticipated studio full-length, 'New Love,' out October 2, and the visual premieres today exclusively on Fuse

    For those not in the know, Allison Weiss is a powerhouse. She came to prominence half a decade ago when her indie leaning power pop-punk took the music world (the internet) by storm. When your name is so deeply tied to a fleeting buzz-cycle of shallow depths, it's hard to maintain relevance. Your art has to speak for you. 

    Weiss knows how to do this like none other. She's managed to sustain a loyal fanbase through the power of her emotive lyricism and ear for pop melody. "Who We Are" and its empowering video—premiering today exclusively on Fuse—only serve to prove it. 

    In the clip, we see a young girl train for football season. She practices after hours, eventually earning the trust and respect of her high school's coach. She's the only woman trying out for the team, the sort of inaccessibility Weiss can relate to on a fundamental level: If guitar-driven music is still seen as a boy's club, shit is about to change...in a big way. 

    "Who We Are" arrives on Weiss' upcoming full-length, New Love, out October 2. It's her first release on SideOneDummy Records. Watch it above, then click through our list of the 14 best pop-punk one hit wonders.