October 14, 2015


Chance the Rapper Made a Video for His Kanye West "Family Business" Cover

Kanye West's "Family Business" is responsible for many ugly-cries in the 11 years since it appeared on his debut album, The College Dropout. Dripping with the exact right type of sentimentality and littered with hyper-specific language from a bright-eyed 26-year-old Yeezy, the track is pure and essential.

Fellow Chi-town kid Chance the Rapper gets it. That's why, at the end of September, he covered the track live, about a week after the birth of his daughter. Now the 22-year-old hip hop prince has graciously released a music video for his sparse rework, titled "Family Matters."

The video includes footage of a wee Chancelor Bennett rocking talent show stages and bopping in bounce houses, spliced with big-boy Chance headlining huge crowds and fooling around backstage with his peeps.

While the lyrics and messages were pretty audible during Chance's live debut of the "Family Business" cover (one of just many covers in his arsenal), they're crystal-clear here, and they've got us doing the ugly-cry all over. Consider:

We were all that matters, family's all that matters 
This is just business, see you right after 
Nothing comes before ya, nothing else matters 
All of this is for ya, you are all that matters

Pretty dope, too, that this is a cover of the lord Yeezus and still sounds like a B-side from Chance's now-seminal 2013 mixtape Acid Rap. Spin the original Kanye version below to compare. You can never have too many #feels on a Wednesday.