October 8, 2015


Pity Sex Share Cultish "What Might Soothe You?" Music Video

The greatest export from Ann Arbor, Michigan since football and U of M is the shoegaze band Pity Sex. Their songs recall the golden age of Midwest emo filtered through distorted haze. It's the kind of equation that's easy to screw up, but they're pros.

Their latest tune is "What Might Soothe You?" and today is given a bleak visual representation. Watch it and join the cult of Pity Sex.

Video director Joel Rakowski told the Fader:

"I was pretty deep into religious symbolism and rituals when this came into the fold. I ended up figuring a pseudo-baptism and indoctrination into the 'Cult of Pity Sex' might work. Can't say I didn't just want to make a modern Joy Division, 'Atmosphere.' We just couldn't make it to the beach the weekend we had to shoot."

Fair enough. When you're done memorizing every inch of the impressive video above, flip through the best indie songs we heard last month. You'll be into it. Trust us.