October 21, 2015


Troye Sivan Reveals Heartbreaking "Talk Me Down" Video

Throughout the past two months, Troye Sivan has been rolling out a trilogy of videos titled "Blue Neighborhood" to hype his upcoming full-length of the same name. So far, we've seen "Wild," "Fools" (both below) and, today, get the finale via the visual for the Aussie singer's stunning new single "Talk Me Down."

The quick recap for you: "Wild" showcased two young boys' budding friendship, "Fools" saw the relationship evolve into something more (and the homophobia that came with that evolution), and "Talk Me Down" is the story's intense finale. Watch above as Troye and his ex emotionally reconcile at a funeral for said ex's father—the man who initially tore them apart.

The video closes with the ex standing at a seaside cliffside, remembering the abuse he suffered from his father and the times he spent with Troye. It all ends with a vague, wide shot of the ocean.

Sivan previously described revealing his sexuality as "the most ideal coming out experience someone can have," but the fact that he's spotlighting and empathizing with issues so many kids deal with—to his 4.3 million YouTube subscribers, no less—highlights his intense commitment to exposing social issues and getting people to reflect on their actions and words towards LGBTQ youth.

Catch up on the "Wild" and "Fools" videos below, and look out for Blue Neighbourhood to drop on December 4.