October 9, 2015


Willow Smith Thinks Her Dad Might Be Willing to Adopt Chance the Rapper

In tandem with their intimate shows at the Fader's #uncapped series last week, Chance the Rapper and Willow Smith—two of the most impossible-to-dislike artists in the game—had an illuminating, deep chat.

"What's a good thing to talk about?" Chance opens the conversation. "The pyramids," Willow answers without missing a beat. "The pyramids." It stays glorious from there.

Chance and Willow go on to discuss the meaning of hustle, the concept of originality in music, what Jada Pinkett Smith's best advice to her daughter has been and what it's like to have a brother who inspires you. (Jaden actually introduced the 22-year-old rapper to his idol, Kanye West, FYI.) Chance—who's a new dad!—also asks the big question we all want to ask the Smith progenies: Can your dad adopt me?! And Willow feels like he's got a shot.

Also, don't miss Chance's dance moves or 14-year-old Willow's obvious stage presence in the interstitial performance clips. These two are so good.