November 10, 2015


You Have To See Fleur East's "Sax" Performance on 'X Factor'

Last week, FM told you about the the new brilliant new single "Sax" by the U.K.'s Fleur East, and we predicted it would soon take over "Uptown Funk" as the next funk-flavored inescapable hit. If the song itself didn't convince you, just take a look at its live reveal.

The 28-year-old Londoner gave "Sax" its show-stopping live debut on the U.K. X Factor over the weekend. Fleur offered a ton of spark, sass and confidence, while she and her backup dancers performance groovy dance moves throughout.

The performance got everyone across the pond and on YouTube buzzing. The single immediately shot to No. 2 on U.K. iTunes Top Songs, just behind Adele's "Hello" because, duh, no one's knocking Adele off the top spot for awhile. The performance has also racked up nearly half a million views in two days—big numbers for such a new artist.

Yeah, definitely keep Fleur on your radar. 

"You betta play that sax!"