November 5, 2015


New 'Meow the Jewels' Video Is a Flawless Feline Montage

Look, when you remix a skull-crushing rap album purely with cat sounds for beats, things are gonna get silly. So it is that the second Meow the Jewels video from Run the Jewels goes to an even goofier place than the first, which saw cats mercilessly destroying a city.

The clip for "All Meow Life," the cut remixed by Nick Hook, features the Batman Returns version of Catwoman, the cat with a lime hat, and a number of YouTube's famous jumping cats, keyboard cats, sunglasses cats, bathtub cats, Christmas cats, Roomba cats and cross-eyed cats. More cats than that, even.

You'll also get a bunch of twitchy, Tumblr-ready GIFs. And like Drake in the "Hotline Bling" video, this one's always on beat.

Meow the Jewels features work by Just Blaze, Portishead's Geoff Barrow, Beyoncé collaborator Boots and more—one producer per track. It's streaming and available as a free download. Last month RTJ dropped "Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)," their first new song in awhile.