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    Peking Duk Share Their Best Aussie Slang: Video

    The dynamic duo school us on what's hot Down Under

    The guys of Peking Duk are pretty hilarious and very Australian. How Australian, you might ask? Australian enough to give us the lowdown on the hot lingo down under. Read on, educate yourself, buy that ticket to Melbourne:

    Stone the Crows - Means "No Way," is used by old people

    Prawn - Slighty rude exclamation for someone with a great body

    Bogan - Australian redneck...but not racist

    UTE - Utility vehicle, as popularized by Bogans

    Arvo - This afternoon

    Chunder - Vomit

    Crack a Fat - Erection

    There you have it, folks! When you're done committing this to memory, click through the 13 coolest music festivals you've never heard of.