November 17, 2015


Peking Duk Explain Misunderstanding Over Peanuts From "Say My Name" Video

This summer, Peking Duk looked to grow their profile outside of their native Australia (where they have two Top 10 singles and an ARIA Music Award) with the audacious single "Say My Name," featuring Benjamin Joseph. While filming the music video for the hard-hitting track, a bit of a language barrier had the duo rather confused.

"We were carrying a box of peanuts, but not real peanuts," member Adam Hyde explains of an opening scene, where the video's unibrow-ed star knocks a crate of packing peanuts out of the duo's hands. "In Australia, they're called styrofoam packing stuff. So all the directors were like, 'You guys are going to holding a big box of peanuts' and we're like 'Oh sick, like, real peanuts?' And we hadn't seen the box so we thought peanuts were going to come out. They weren't peanuts."

Peking Duk's other half, Reuben Styles, says that the unfamiliar term became even more confusing when they assumed the mint-green packing peanuts would be turned into the food in post-production:

"I thought that because they were green in color that they digitally turned them into peanuts afterwards and I thought that was the effect. I was like, 'Looking forward to seeing the peanuts in post!'

A theory that Hyde says everyone responded to: "What the f—: what peanuts are you talking about?" 

See Peking Duk in all their peanut glory via their "Say My Name" video below: