November 5, 2015


Pia Mia Shows Off Awesome Dance Moves in "Touch" Video

Pia Mia's new single "Touch" is another tropical followup to her breakout hit "Do It Again." Now, it's got a sizzling new video to accompany it.

Watch as the Guam native shows off some of her best choreography to date while leading a troupe of female bootyshakers, who reinterpret the chorus' "So touch me" hook to spank their fellow dancer. Pia's fashion game is also on point here, as one look sees her rocking some Princess Leia buns with a multicolored halter top, a half-dress/half-onepiece swimsuit piece, and at one point she even rocks hot pink hair.

But among all the looks, longtime Pia fans will notice she does bring back her signature red bandana and red lips towards the end as a bit of a visual wink that they're still rocking with the same chick.

Watch the "Touch" video above and if you're digging Pia, check out a handful more of young female pop artists who are changing the game.