November 9, 2015


Waterparks Play Puppies In "Crave" Video: Watch

We're living in something of a golden age of pop-punk. The stuff might have reigned supreme in the mid-aughts, but everything comes in waves, right? All Time Low are still taking over the planet; Good Charlotte just announced their reunion. Oh, and have you heard of a little band called 5 Seconds of Summer?

With all that, the next step is to look at, well, the next step. Newer bands like State Champs are taking the torch, and we think Houston's Waterworks will follow closely behind. Don't believe us? A quick listen to their single, "Crave" will persuade you. 

Not only is the song catchy as hell, it's been given an adorable video, with the trio rocking dog costumes. Oh, and did we mention these guys are opening the Good Charlotte reunion show in Los Angeles this month? Nothing says success like a Madden Brothers co-sign.

Listen, watch, enjoy. When you're done there, we urge you to revisit that new State Champs record. It's one of the best of the year, ya know?