December 14, 2015


Grimes Says A Lot of 'Art Angels' Came From "Jamming": Video

From artificial intelligence to K-popGrimes' creative influences run all over the map, but for her new album Art Angels, the latest FM First artist says she gained inspiration by doing what you'd expect to hear from a rock band: jam out.

"My process changes a lot--I make a point of totally changing it up as often as possible. On this record, for a lot of songs like 'Kill v. Maim' and 'California,' I would sit down, turn on the amp, and grind on the guitar for hours and just make samples. I would just jam. As an electronic musician, 'jamming' isn't something I've traditionally done. But I think that, for me, a lot of songs on this record came out of jamming. That was a new kind of process for melike, sampling myself."

Watch above for more on Grimes' creative process, and then watch Grimes explain how she first got into music and how you can learn "the basics" of producing in a couple days.

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