December 7, 2015


Why Grimes Prefers Producing Over Performing: Video

Grimes occupies a rare space in that she's not only the one performing her albums, but the one writing and producing all of it too. We asked the latest FM First artist her take on both parts of her artistic life.

The "Flesh Without Blood" star says her inner-geek is satiated by creating music:

"What I get out of it is the nerd aspect: I enjoy the challenge of production. I enjoy, 'Ooh, how can I make something sound good that really doesn't sound good?' There's almost this sports-esque-how-do-I-get-there-solving-the-puzzle-kind-of vibe and that's really important to me. With performing, you're not solving a puzzle, you're just like, 'Everybody look at me!' which is kind of stressful. The main thing is making people want to look at you,which is sort of antithetical to my preferences in everyday life."

While she prefers producing over performing, she does see the benefit and finds creative satisfaction in what she deems a "good mental exercise":

"If you took away the beats, I'd never be a pop star as a vocalist or a performer. I don't know if that's my strong suit...I enjoy performing on a set. When I can control my environment, make sure the aesthetics are at a level. In that case, it can be really fun and rewarding."

Watch the full interview above, and then get a feel for Grimes' live show in the video for "REALiTi," which includes footage from Grimes' recent tour of Singapore, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and more. Watch Grimes music videos and exclusive content all month long on FM and Find FM in your area with our Channel Finder.