December 3, 2015


Nef the Pharaoh Talks About Mentor E-40, Bay Area Influence: Video

Vallejo, California 20-year-old Nef the Pharaoh dropped “Big Tymin’” earlier this year, a banger that went on to receive a YG/Ty Dolla $ign remix. Now, a month after releasing his self-titled debut on E-40’s label, Sick Wid It, he’s looking back at how he got into the game.

“You go to school to pick out your career; I knew what the fuck I was gonna be at four,” Nef the Pharaoh says of his decision to drop out not long after being invited on tour with rapper Clyde Carson at age 16. 

“The Bay Area is one of the most diverse areas in the world,” Nef tells us of his home turf, where he's always been hit with a wide swath of culture, slang, languages and music. “It’s just like coming up in purified water and saltwater—if I’m growing up in saltwater, I’m gonna come up seasoned, you feel me?”

Watch our interview to hear more, like just how many mental notes he has to take around E-40, who constantly imparts upon him “the rapper’s guide to longevity in the game.”

Spin the Nef the Pharaoh EP here, featuring that “Big Tymin’” remix with YG and Ty Dolla $ign: