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    Rapper NF on Finding Himself on His Debut Album: Video

    The up-and-coming hip hop talent discusses his track "Intro" in this FM original video

    Up-and-coming rapper NF might not be a household name just yet, but things are about to change. As his single "Intro" continues picking up steam, the MC spoke to us about his positive in an intimate interview:

    "To be featured on Madden NFL 2016, I just feel really humbled that they put it on there. I feel like it was an introduction to me to the music industry. I didn't really need a fancy name I felt like when someone listened to that song and said 'What is this song about?' it's an introduction to me. We put out an EP before the album but I was still trying to find myself...But this first album was like, 'This is NF.'"

    He continued:

    There's a lyric in the song ["Intro"] that says, 'Hang up the caution tape / I'm dangerous.' That was statement like, 'I'm here. Get ready.'

    Stay tuned! We expect big things from the guy.