December 2, 2015


Peking Duk Couldn't Have A Tour Dog, So They Got Dog Tattoos: Video

It all started the way most good decisions start...with an ill-fated dream. Both members of Australian electronic duo Peking Duk sport a corgi puppy tattoo, the result of not being able to bring a real one on the road during their latest tour. 

Adam Hyde of the group explains:

"That one's a funny story. We were talking to our manager about getting a dog to come on tour and we'd call him 'Tour Dog.' He would be a little corgi that looked just like that. Our manager is a very straight dude, very smart. He never stays out too late. We like to party every now and then. He likes to drink but he's more sensible than us, which is funny because he's younger than us..."

Reuben Styles jumps in, "We started pushing the idea of getting a dog that comes on tour. You need a dog before a show to do some skateboarding..."

So the guys kept pushing the idea on their manager, knowing it would never happen. So instead, they got the tattoos. Not really the same thing, guys! 

Watch the full video above, then check out our guide to Aussie slang, as told to Fuse by Peking Duk.