December 1, 2015


Ty Dolla $ign Talks Collaborations With DJ Mustard, YG, Timbaland & More

From Kanye and Kendrick to Brandy and DiddyTy Dolla $ign's Free TC album is filled with impressive collaborations, but he tells FM the most difficult to assemble was "Only Right," a standout that saw him, YG, Joe Moses and TeeCee4800 on a DJ Mustard beat.

"It was hard as fuck getting YG, Mustard, Joe Moses and TeeCee—which are the guys I started with—on my album because YG took off, Mustard took off. We ended up in North Carolina, me and YG at the same show. Mustard was already on my tour, TeeCee was on my tour. Mustard was actually back in L.A., but he sent me some beats and we all did that "Only Right" song on the back of my tour bus.

And once the star-studded LP was finally released, the "Saved" rapper got a call from yet another superstar: Timbaland, one of his top beatmakers. 

"When I dropped the album, he posted it [on Instagram] and he called me. I don't know how he got my number, but he called me and he was like, 'Bro, we're going to the moon! You gotta come through.' I'm like, 'C'mon man, what the fuck?' Timbo's calling me? This is one of my favorite producers of all time!"

Ty says that he and Timbaland will work together on his next release, which he's also hoping to get Dr. Dre and Pharrell on board too. Check out what Ty told us about Free TC being inspired by his brother in jail right here, and then watch the "Only Right" video below.