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    Carlos Niño Tells 'Crate Diggers' His All-Time Favorite Record

    The producer and vinyl collector unpacks his most beloved albums and describes the perfect "musical genius"

    When you're a veteran in the game of vinyl collection, you've pretty much seen and heard it all. This week's Crate Diggers guest, celebrated producer Carlos Niño, chats with host Anthony Valadez about the records that have stood out after all these years.

    On his all-time favorite record, Niño named A Love Supreme by '60s jazz composer John Coltrane. He also shouted out his top percussion artists, listing Guem and Domingo Cura as a couple favorites.

    "I collect a lot of percussion records, and I'm very inspired by them in what I do."

    Niño then described what he'd call a genius album.

    "Spirits by Keith Jarrett. He plays over 15 instruments; he's the only instrumentalist musician on this record. All the compositions, all the recording, all the overdubbing—this is a genius record by a genius musician."

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