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    Monalisa Discusses the Nostalgic Appeal of Vinyl Records

    The comforting sound of a needle hitting a record keeps the LA-based DJ in love with her work

    Like many vinyl lovers, Monalisa prefers to spend her time surrounded by boxes and boxes of old records. The Los Angeles DJ has been collecting LPs since the '90s and currently works behind the scenes at Hollywood's Amoeba Music, a huge independent record store.

    Telling Crate Diggers host Anthony Valadez that she owns about 6,000 records, Monalisa described how important vinyl was throughout her childhood.

    "It's nostalgic for me because in my house, when I was a kid, there was vinyl everywhere. Everybody had massive record collections, but it's also the sound. It's like, when you put the needle on a record, and you hear that crackle. It's just the sound of it. It's very warm," she recalls.