January 25, 2016


Boi-1da Explains the Do's and Don'ts of Being a Producer

Hip hop producer Boi-1da has made beats for the likes of DrakeNicki Minaj and Eminem and boasts numerous GRAMMY nominations. For those hoping to elevate their production game, the Toronto native dished out his "Five Do's and Don'ts of Being a Music Producer."

Rule #1: Don't follow trends.
"If you want to be a successful producer, you gotta bring something to the table that's not already on the table."

Rule #2: Don't give the same beat to two artists.
"They're gonna get pissed...If you're dealing with somebody from the streets, the best option is to either hide, witness protection, or name change."

Rule #3: Don't forget the samples you use.

"You could literally pretend like there is no sample, and five months down the line, you're getting sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Rule #4: Don't sample.
"If you like money...you might not wanna sample."

Rule #5: Don't hold off on your beats.
"Some of the benefits of trying to work with somebody brand new is they could possibly take off—such as me working with Drake."

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