January 20, 2016


Common Reveals a Big Fear That Kanye West Helped Him Get Over

Veteran rapper Common dropped by the studio to reflect on his 2014 album Nobody's Smiling, breaking down a few of the LP's standout tracks. From his favorite neighborhood spots to ways in which he has grown as an artist and person, below are a few notable takeaways:

"The Neighborhood": On his go-to Chicago places, Common named The Field Museum, Table 52 restaurant and the pier.

"No Fear": Common recently overcame his fear of...confidence?

"I used to feel like being confident would offend other people," he tells host Jen DeLeon. "But that's not your responsibility. Let your light shine."

The 43-year-old credited Kanye West for helping him express more confidence.

"Speak My Piece": If Common could discuss something that's been on his mind, he'd talk about his experience filming Selma.

"Hustle Harder": He wishes that he'd been smarter about the business side of the industry.

"I would've started strategizing about marketing and using my creativity toward ideas that could become lucrative. I don't think I became a business person until later on."

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