January 26, 2016


Attention, Foodies! Estelle Makes a Serious Onion Gravy

R&B songstress Estelle doesn't just boast talent in the vocals department—she excels in athletics and cooking, too. In an exclusive sit-down with FM, the British performer revealed a few unexpected facts about herself, such as her love for arts and crafts and hatred for wasps.

Check out these key takeaways from "Five Things You Didn't Know about Estelle":

  • She absolutely despises wasps, roaches and anything that crawls or flies. If she sees one, she'll eliminate it like "an assassin with a rag."
  • Her specialty dish, onion gravy, pairs perfectly with meat or potatoes. Yum!
  • Painting is her go-to therapy method.
  • She collects—no, hoards—shoes.
  • Her long legs helped her kick ass at the long jump, which she is "awesome" at.

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