January 27, 2016


Mack Wilds Is a Big Fan of Pain, Beyoncé and Motorcyles

Sitting down for a Q&A session of firsts and lasts, Mack Wilds revealed a few interesting details about himself, including his first nickname (Toughie!), the last thing he learned about himself, and the first time he was starstruck.

When asked about his most recent self-realization, Wilds answered that he's "a big fan of pain," referring to his affinity for tattoos. The 26-year-old held up his first-ever tat, the Arabic word for "protection," explaining the importance of needing security when meeting new people.

The "Own It" performer later launches into a Beyoncé anecdote, recalling the first time he was ever starstruck. Standing next to The Today Show summer concert stage, Wilds had just witnessed Destiny's Child's performance, and Bey had called him "a cutie" before planting a kiss on his cheek!

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