January 12, 2016


Feenixpawl Go B-Movie Horror for "Ghosts" Video: Exclusive Premiere

Until now, Feenixpawl didn't make it a priority to star in their music videos, letting their brand high-octane EDM be the focus of their visuals. But for their latest single "Ghosts," the GRAMMY-nominated dance duo hailing from Australia decided to show themselves, but not as the cool producers you might have imagined them.

In "Ghosts," premiering exclusively on FM, Feenixpawl members Aden Forte and Josh Soon play B movie-esque ghouls who terrorize two girls who just moved into a new apartment by tickling them with feathers and shooting off confetti cannons. 

The guys told us about their role in the new video:

"This video is kind of a juxtaposition to the track itself, which is quite dark and haunting. However, we wanted to contrast that with this video and have a bit of fun with it. Generally we've never been in our videos, but the idea was so funny that we wanted to be a part of the shoot. We had an absolute blast filming this, and we feel it does the track justice, as it means a lot to us."

"Ghosts" had previously hit the Top 20 of Billboard's Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart last year, after the duo teamed up with the rock-based Wind-up Records to launch Eclypse, a new label dedicated to EDM.