January 14, 2016


Watch Remy Kay Riff on Her 'Mourning' Sound: 'I Just Call It Chill'

Remy Kay is quick to mention her parent's multi-genre tastes when she talks about how her own songwriting developed. "I'm of mixed heritage, so my dad was [into] a lot of soul, R&B, jazz music and my mom was more classic rock," she tells FM.tv. Now, with her brand-new debut EP In The Mourning delving into her relationship with her late father, it's clear her parents influenced the young Californian's music on an even deeper level. Anthony Valadez, FM Collective videographer and host of Crate Diggers, took his cameras to Kay's rehearsal space to watch her work and chat with her about how her music is made. Check out the video in the player above.

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