January 29, 2016


St. Lucia Go Deep on New Album 'Matter' & Their Writing Process: Video

St. Lucia made a stunning splash on the synthpop scene with 2013's tropical-inspired When the Night. The outfit's sophomore record Matter is out today and Jean-Philip Grobler tells FM that among the dreamy beats are loads of relatable themes.

"There's a lot of different moods and ideas," he told FM when he stopped by our studio. He went on: 

"If I look at the main themes over all the album, it has kind of a lot to do with the 'first-world problems' of getting older, living far way from your parents, thinking about the meaning of your life and what you want to do with your life, and your relationships with people changing."

St. Lucia also gave insight to how they create their specific brand of synthpop:

"It's almost like looking at the image of a landscape through a foggy window. You see there's this implied landscape: you see a little bit of color, a little bit of the outline, the quality of light, a little bit of movement. I just hear these ideas and implied sort of words. Maybe there's a feeling, and that feeling feeds into what the song should express. And then the whole process of demoing and recording it is just catching up to that first glimpse you get. You have this image in your mind's eye and you have to try and somehow recreate that feeling with real instruments in the real world."

Or as Grobler's wife Patricia Beranek puts it, "It's like you're a little detective." 

Watch more with St. Lucia in the interview clip below, and be sure to check out Matter on Apple Music now.