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February 3, 2016


Why Kevin Gates Named His 'Islah' Album After His Daughter: Interview

Kevin Gates' just-released Islah album is set to make a splash on the charts next week, with the NOLA rapper on track to outsell new releases from the likes of Sia and Charlie Puth, according to early predictions. FM talked to the MC about the record to find out the deeper meaning behind the LP, named after his daughter:

"The world Islah means 'to make better, to improve,' he says. "I titled my album Islah because it's my first album which is named after my first baby so it's metaphor because my first album is my first baby; and it's the scariest thing in the world when you're having a first album or a first baby."

Watch above for more with the rapper about his frustrations with the traditional album process and more about Islah.

See below for more with Gates including his initial inspiration to make music: