February 4, 2016


St. Lucia Explains How NYC Influenced "Help Me Run Away": Interview

St. Lucia might be one of the biggest bands in Brooklyn right now, but it certainly didn't start out that way. The band is mostly the brainchild of Jean-Philip Grobler, who originally hails from South Africa, and while they've been in the U.S. for a while now, their love of NYC permeates their music, perhaps most obviously in their single, "Help Me Run Away." Grobler explains:

"'Help Me Run Away,' it sounds corny but it's my ode to America. It's really interesting to me that I, and that we have ended up living in America because America was never somewhere that I imagined myself living, growing up. When I was a kid and I had my first live performance with my school choir at the time and I had my first solo in front of an audience, the song was 'New York, New York.' That was the first time I ever performance a solo in Johannesburg City Hall. I never had any idea or any ambition to end up in New York but I got this job offer and we moved to New York and we've now been here for nearly ten years."

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