March 11, 2016


PVRIS' Lynn Gunn Talks Stripping Back Their Music

With the deluxe edition of PVRIS' White Noise coming soon, we linked up with frontperson Lynn Gunn to talk about the new, stripped-down goodies fans will be getting with the disc.

The Massachusetts outfit are giving us three extra tracks on the deluxe edition, out April 22: "You And I," "Empty" and an acoustic version of "You and I."

"'Empty' had been done when were working on the record," Gunn told us. "It started off as a really big and constructed song and very produced. We actually stripped it down and made it super minimal. When we did it, something just wasn't right with it. We came back to it a year later. Now it's where it should be."

Watch the video above to hear Gunn talking about White Noise deluxe, and then peek our interview below where she discusses her much-focused-on sexuality. Then, read our full, in-depth chat with Gunn at Warped Tour.