March 8, 2016


Nathan Sykes On Recording What Felt 'Right & Natural' for Debut Solo LP: FM First Interview

For his debut solo album, Nathan Sykes listened to his gut and adhered to any vibes he was feeling during the upcoming LP's recording, mixing and mastering process—no matter how crazy his inklings were.

The British singer-songwriter is our latest FM First artist, and Sykes told us about the seemingly spastic creative process behind the album, which boasts the tender piano ballad "Over and Over Again" (below):

"I didn't go in with a certain sound in my head. Just whatever feels good at the time: 'Hey, let's get an electric guitar on this. Hey, let's stick piano on this. Hey, tomorrow, let's get some trumpets and saxophones and record em live'—that all felt right at the time and that felt natural—'Hey, let's put a 30-piece choir on this. Wait, we haven't got a 30-piece choir? Let me go in the studio and build a 30-piece choir.'"

The 22-year-old former member of The Wanted adds that his meticulous process, which includes pages of notes on the post-production aspects, is so he can best represent who he truly is: "I didn't go out and write an album trying to be someone else, because that would be stupid. Because then you just end up as a rubbish version of someone else. I was like, 'You know what? I'm just going to be myself. I'm going to write what feels natural.'"

Watch the full interview above for more on Sykes. And all month long, tune in to see the "Over and Over Again" video and more exclusive content with March's Fuse First artist Nathan Sykes on FM and Find FM in your area with our Channel Finder here.