April 6, 2016


PVRIS Discuss the Difference Between Touring in Clubs & Arenas

PVRIS are currently on the road with Fall Out Boy and AWOLNATION, which means they're playing in huge arenas instead of the big clubs they're used to. FM sat down with frontwoman Lynn Gunn to discuss the change. She told us:

"This tour is very different from othersit's the biggest tour we've been on so far. It's a very different vibe and a very different atmosphere. You kind of have to learn how to adjust to, adapt to...it's a challenge because nobody knows who we are in a giant arena. You have to try and win everybody over."

She then goes on to discuss her own band's upcoming U.K. headlining tour:

"Our first ever headlining tour, we announced it and a couple weeks later it sold out immediately. We've upgraded venues several times. It's all completely sold out!"

Someone's excited! Watch the full interview above. When you're done there, watch this chat with Gunn where she explains just why PVRIS have stripped back their sound.