June 6, 2016


Elliphant Says No to Music Industry Drama

Swedish singer Elliphant stopped by for a sit-down interview, and while we were talking about her second album, the lighthearted reggae-pop party Living Life Golden, she admitted she got "pissed" when her label Record Company TEN delayed the project. But now that the thing is out, she's had to time to think about the drama.

"The album's been done for years," she did, explaining why she was frustrated with the build-up. The original release date for the album was in September 2015, but it was finally released on March 25 of this year.

"I'm just gonna roll with it from now on," Elliphant said, insinuating that some promotion is out of her hands. "Push it, do whatever. I think it's very important to not get into the drama of the music industry."

Watch the interview above, and then watch the music video for "Step Down" below: