June 3, 2016


Zara Larsson Explains Why It Takes Longer to Get Fans in America

Sure, you know Zara Larsson's song "Never Forget You," featuring MNEK, but the people in Sweden have been onto the platinum-haired singer long before you ever made it your jam.

Larsson was first discovered by the Swedish public on a televised talent show when she was just 10 years old. Now, at 18, she's got a singing career and a whole team behind her (she signed to her first label when she was just 14 and already has a studio album out, called 1). So, why does it take a bit for us Americans to learn about burgeoning talent like Larsson?

"I don't know how you break out in the U.S.," Larsson admitted. "What I can see and feel is that it takes a lot more time in America. Because it's so big."

Larsson has no problem with taking that challenge head on. She's currently trekking the world promoting her music, including a new song with David Guetta, and getting us ready for her second album, but she knows that she has to be patient.

"It takes some time for a song to travel and grow," she said.

Watch another chunk of our FM First interview with Zara below: