April 3, 2017


Ruth B. Explains How She's Fighting Our Modern 'Distorted Vision of Love'

"If you have a passion, you can do what you want from wherever you are," says Canada's Ruth B. in our new interview above. Our latest FM First artist learned that advice firsthand, growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, doubtful that she'd be discovered. Yet here we are, fresh off the premiere of the 21-year-old singer-songwriter's fabulous "Superficial Love" video, set to an anthem that can inspire confidence for anyone, anywhere.

After winning an eager audience on Vine, Ruth B. dropped her first EP, The Intro, in 2015. Back in November, the next wave began with "In My Dreams." Though music has been a part of her life as far back as she can remember, she realized at a young age, in some patience-testing piano lessons, that her own creations excited her most. "When I found out that I could make my own melodies up, that's when it became more of a friend, instead of an enemy."

Now Ruth B. is using "Superficial Love"—"not a polite song," she says—to combat a modern, social media–fueled "distorted vision of love" where you're "kind of just told to settle." Watch above to see what the person who inspired the kiss-off tune thinks of it, and to hear how tackling some choreography went for her. "The second someone tells me to, like, actually do a move, it becomes very complicated," she says. "I learned I'm a lot better just in my room, in front of my mirror."

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